Cryptocurrency Wallet AnkerPay

Platforms: Windows,Android,iOS WalletFeatures: Hierarchical Deterministic Security: Personal EaseOfUse: Easy

AnkerPay crypto wallet

AnkerPay Crypto Wallet

AnkerPay Wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency that wallet currently supports Anker, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin.
AnkerPay Wallet lets users manage all their different types of currencies on one device. This makes it easier to access and manage funds.
AnkerSwitch is an alternative cryptocurrency exchange where users have more control. Users can swap any 2 currencies seamlessly while still controlling the assets within their wallets.


  • Built-in exchange;
  • Credit Card Purchases; 
  • Any currency;
  • Multiple Languages;
  • 35% Referral Bonus.

(Note: The Anker wallet will support its native coin ANKER, although the mainnet is not live yet)

Android: Download here

iOS: Download here

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